Bildligt talat is Swedish for Figuratively Speaking. The person behind this is Thomas Ljungblad – a certified Speech & Language Therapist, designer, animator and geek.

Boo Articulation Helper is an app that helps children with articulation difficulties1 by enticing spontaneous exercise of individual speech sounds in a fun and functional way. Simple design and functionality bring on speech repetition using sound and animation within the app. When the child uses multiple senses (vision and hearing) to imitate and repeat sounds it becomes easier to overcome obstacles and improve their articulation skills.

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Finally! Boo Articulation Helper just got a little better as a tool for speech sounds practice for kids - including an in-app minigame that further trains the letter-speech sound link and reinforces phonological awareness.
iOS --> itunes.apple.com/app/id1216642311
Android --> play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nu.bildligttalat.booarticulationhelper

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1 When young children is developing their speech and language skills, some can experience difficulties in correctly producing one or several speech sounds, correctly putting them together into syllables (co-articulation) and subsequently producing intelligible words in their fluent speech.