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When using apps aimed at small children, it is important that users feel and are secure. Boo Articulation Helper and Simplest Audio Recorder is COPPA compliant. Therefore the Boo Articulation Helper apps and Simplest Audio Recorder

  • has no ads
  • has no in-app purchases
  • doesn’t collect or transfer personal user information or data anywhere.

Any sound recording is stored temporarily in the device’s memory. It is not stored anywhere on the internet. The recording is deleted when the app closes completely or when the device restarts.

In Boo Articulation Helper there is a simple parental gate. Behind it there are links to this site. Also, behind the parental gate in the demo version, the app detects the device’s operating system to provide a correct link to the paid version on the corresponding app store.

Read our app’s Terms of Use.


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A cookie is a text file stored on your computer by your browser. Cookies ensure that this website functions as Bildligt talat has designed it.

Some cookies are necessary for this website to function at all. These cannot be opted out. An example of such a cookie is the one that keeps track of whether you want to read the page in Swedish or English.

Other cookies, so-called third-party cookies, are needed for some special features on this website, for example an embedded YouTube video or a contact form with spam protection. You have the option to refuse such cookies, but then you will not be able to see an embedded youtube video or send a message or order products (but you can still see texts, links and images!).

Statistics cookies are third-party cookies that enable website statistics that are nice to have in order to develop this website and ultimately the apps. But these cookies can also be opted out.

Literally goes against the grain and uses no marketing cookies at all.

Personal information

If you’re using the contact form to get in touch or ask a question, Bildligt talat will naturally use the required name and e-mail address provided to respond to you. While we may use that contact information for further correspondence, we will never ever sell or give away that information. The world needs less spam.


Bildligt talat reserves the right to update or change our Privacy Policy at any time and you should check this Privacy Policy periodically.

Agreeing to Terms

If you do not agree to the Privacy Policy or Terms of Use as posted here on this website, please do not use this site or our apps. Your use of this site or our apps indicates acceptance of this privacy policy.

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